Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fountain Friend

This guy stands atop a fountain that, when this photo was taken, had no water in it.  I still like his cheery little face, though! 
The fountain is in front of an apartment building on Sierra Madre Boulevard.  These are the apartments that were built up around the Lawless House, a once-Greene and Greene home.  Ahhhh...  The 1960's.  It's a very nice apartment building, but I seriously bemoan the loss of that house in our town.  There are only two others now.
But Little Smiley here isn't bothered by any of that.  He's just enjoying his life, completely unaware of the history that sits right behind him!



  1. It was built up around the Greene and Greene? Does that mean the G&G is still in there somewhere?

    1. Pretty much - isn't that something? There are four apartments in the center of the complex (two up, two down) that are part of the original home. There is a fireplace, and some original beams and (I think) original doors. Very, very interesting!! I'm so curious as to why they just built a modern apartment around it, rather than tearing it down.

    2. Oh, check that "Lawless House" link. I had some more there about the original house...

    3. I checked the link, thanks, Adele. This is really interesting.

  2. haha he is cute! have a great weekend!

  3. He has such a sweet face. I remember you posting the earlier info on Greene and Greene homes (so my memory is not failing me as much as I thought!;)


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