Sunday, May 12, 2013

Blogcation Continues

Happy Mother's Day to all!

Another photo of Ascension Church - a very photogenic subject...  Click on the link to read some of the story of Miss Frances Hawks.  (In case you missed it the first time!)

I'll be away from the Blogiverse for a few days, to catch up on some things...  Meanwhile, I'll be sharing archive photos of favorite sights around town.    


  1. What a lovely place, it looks dignified and homey at the same time. Have a good break! (PS I left a comment on my blog but forgot to mention here, I used Picasa to compose the dog 'triptych' the other day:)

  2. Good for you, taking a blogcation.

  3. it is such a pretty church! hurry and get your stuff done!

  4. I read this as Blogathon Continues.
    Happy Mothers Day to you & yours!


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