Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Belle's Nest

Gloria and Elena are, according to their website, "two sisters who share a love and passion for art, fine crafts, the creative process and all things handmade."  Once you walk in to Belle's Nest, on Baldwin, you will know exactly what they mean.  The two support and promote the art and craft items produced by artisans who make candles, books, tiles, birdhouses, jewelry and (insert cool handmade item here).  There are so many interesting and beautiful things your head will spin (but in a really positive way).  But, while chock-full of charm and prettiness, the store is not cluttered.  These sisters have a background in retail, and it shows in the panache they bring to their store.  But, don't take my word for it.  Stop by and visit Belle's Nest for yourself.  It will be well worth your time.   

Oh, and did I mention how nice they are?  They made me so comfortable, and I was having so much fun hanging around their shop, that I'm sure they were beginning to wonder when I was going to go home.  Maybe it was that cot I set up in the back...


  1. oh oh oh oh - I like the hanging lights, and the funky look of the store that a jewelry display case? I'll be heading over to that next. Luminaries and dangly ear bobs. Yes! my kind of place

  2. I see a lot of cool little tables!. I love stores like this!

  3. Oh, you guys will love this place!

    PA, lots of jewelry displayed in all kinds of ways!

    KBF, so many cool little tables! They have workshops, too, including furniture refinishing.


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