Thursday, January 3, 2013

It Was Such a Great Tree

~~ Can you see the "animal" that the branches make? 
 I think it looks like a rabbit.  What do you think?~~

Today was a sad day at our house.  The avocado tree in the front yard, which has been my trusty friend for over 20 years, with its constant shade and beautiful green leaves, went to Avocado Heaven.  It was definitely time. The tree had become brittle, and was in danger of damaging our house, or us.  But still... 

Danny Osti, owner of Osti Tree Service, came with his amazing crew and, with his genuinely kind personality and obvious love of life, made the morning not nearly so bad.  Danny, whose birthday is today, is a truly caring individual.  Not only did his professional team do a great job of getting the tree out quickly, they paid special attention to not ruining our budding broccoli plants that are growing not far from where the tree was.  And the cleanup left the yard looking better than it had before.  So, thanks to Danny and his guys, it was as pleasant a day as possible. 

Now, with all that sunshine hanging around the yard, it is time to start thinking about what kind of flower and/or vegetable garden might need to be planted.  With change comes opportunity!  But, oh, how I will miss that tree...


  1. I see a profile of a rabbit... the nose is butted up against the house and the ears are vertically above!.

    1. Exactly what I see! He even has an eye, just up and to the right of the nose.

    2. yep, he does.. i was gonna mention that but thought that was a given!. An avocado tree can get humongous.. my grandfather had one and it sure was full of avocados!

    3. They really can get humongous! When we first moved here, you couldn't even see the house! How nice that your grandfather had one.


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