Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ice Skating

Well, look at this.  Sierra Madre has frozen over, and all the little birdies are ice skating!  Okay, the whole town hasn't frozen over.  Just small parts of it, including this bird bath that the local birds and I received for Christmas.  (This has also occurred in other local cities - check out this post from Petrea, of Pasadena Daily Photo.) 

I know that this weather is not considered "cold" by the standards of much of the rest of the country, but we just aren't used to it.  Neither are our birds - they tell me they are ready for a bath in warmer water. 

The weather is supposed to begin to warm up today, but I've enjoyed this cold snap.  It's been fun eating lots of soup, and wearing scarves and coats originally purchased for vacations in eastern locations.  Like the birds, though, I think I will welcome a bit of warmth.



  1. i remember school clothes shopping as a kid and getting a few sweaters and being excited when the opportunity arose to wear it lol....i've heard it's really cold out that red color in your bird bath :)

    1. Oh, I remember that, too! Sweating to and from school, just to get to wear all those sweaters that the clothing stores thought I needed!

  2. Now that is more proof that the thermometer tells the truth. Cold!!!! It also looks like a big bowl of jelly (translated jello)....ha ha!

  3. Haha, I had the exact same thoughts as LOLfromPasa!! (Strawberry Jell-O!) Love that color for a bird bath. Was on phone with someone from California and they mentioned the cold weather too:) Meantime, super-mild here, go figure!

  4. I hope the birds bring skates.


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