Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fletcher House Revisited

This is the porch at the Fletcher House, which I posted about last May.  Dr. H.C. Fletcher built this home in 1890, where he cared for TB patients in the house, as well as in smaller buildings on the property. 

The second family to occupy the home was the Henszeys, whose son Thomas married Julia Carter, daughter of city founder N.C. Carter.  Thomas and Julia Henszey lived in their own home in Sierra Madre (which I have not yet located).  Thomas passed away in 1925, while Julia lived until 1965.  Both are buried in the Sierra Madre Cemetery.

The Fletcher House has a rich history, including several families.  It is obvious that the current family loves the home and is caring for it beautifully.


  1. It's a beautiful home, I can understand the devotion to it! Lovely...

  2. Sierra Madre is full of lovely places like this.

  3. beautiful home...what a great porch :)

  4. So glad you zoomed in on that great porch, Adele. It makes for a beautiful photo.

  5. Thanks, everyone, for your nice comments! I've been away from the computer a bit lately. Will be back in the groove tomorrow evening!!

  6. Wow - thanks! It is our house. So happy to run across this blog :) April 28th our home will be on the National Garden Conservancy Tour - come see the gardens!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment!! You are my first homeowner to see the blog (without my telling them about it first!). This is such a lovely home, and obviously well-loved. I am happy to hear that the gardens will be on a tour soon - I will definitely be there. Thanks again!


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