Monday, December 17, 2012

Lucky Break

~~  Blurry Artsy photo of the bar.  ~~ 

Lucky Baldwin's Delirium Pub is all decked out for the holiday season, and ready for you to stop by and take a break from all that yuletide hustle and bustle you've been enjoying. 

I know that at this time of year, the pub offers various and sundry delicioso Christmas Brews and New Year Lagers.  But I'll tell you what menu item I'm currently most excited about: Their absolutely stupendous BLT sandwich, which is very much like the one my Aunt Til used to make. (Seriously.  I had an Aunt Til.  She had lots of special dishes.) 

Of course, if you're a vegetarian (or simply anti-bacon), I'm guessing this isn't the sandwich for you, but there are many other choices.  No matter what you're there for, LB's has good sandwiches, good entrees, and great beer.  I'm told they have other drinks too, alcoholic and otherwise, but I'm just too busy choosing between the contents of all those taps to find out!  (I mean, it is a pub...)

So, treat yourself to a break.  You're a good person (everyone says so!), and you deserve it!


  1. Nothing quite like a really good BLT.

  2. Miss spending time in a Pub. Thank you for the memories. Please have a good Tuesday.

    1. Thank you Robert - Glad I could help! :) Enjoy your Tuesday, as well.

  3. I always order a BLT. Lucky's will be my next stop.

  4. PB & Margaret - I should have known that you two would like them, too! I like theirs because it's fairly basic. Some B, some L, some T, some mayo. None of it is mushy, and the bread is toasted but not so thick and hard it hurts the roof of your mouth. (I have a lot of rules!)

  5. I like the picture, special effects and all!


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