Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fanciful Fencing

Love your neighbor as yourself;
but don't take down the fence.
If the owners of this fence were my neighbors, I definitely wouldn't take down the fence.  But that's only because it's so fun.


  1. i wouldn't is a fun fence...i like that quote too!

  2. Haha, good fences make good neighbors as they say. This is such a sweet find, makes me curious to know if they're sweet neighbors:)

  3. "Something there is doesn't love a wall," and something here is that really, really does. what street is this on?

  4. Just love this scene...and what joy cause it is real. Creative mind at work, Adele, putting photo and quote together :). Which camera did you use???

  5. Yes, this is a wonderful image. Makes it look indeed friendly. Please have a good Thursday.

  6. Thanks, Tanya!!

    Cafe - So true!

    Lulu - How could they not be?

    Hiker - You know, I don't actually remember, but it was somewhere in the Canyon.

    LOL - Thanks!! It was quite awhile ago, and I wasn't able to enlarge it all the way without it blurring, so I'm thinking it was with my iPhone.

    Robert - Thanks, and happy Thursday to you!

  7. Funny quote and fabulous fence! Love all the textures and fall colors.


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