Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Taste of Fun

~~ Owner, and all around great guy, Billy Sullivan ~~
 One of our newer businesses in town is The Bottle Shop's beautiful Wine Tasting Room.  Looking through the Tasting Room's website (and passing by on their open nights of Wednesday through Saturday), it seems they have been keeping very busy.   Their Wednesday night beer tastings (which will be resuming on January 9th) are just $5.00, and the Thursday and Friday night Wine Flights are $10.00. 

This Saturday, the 29th, just in time for your New Year's toast, the Tasting Room will be hosting a special event featuring seven California Sparkling Wines, from 5:00 until 7:00 p.m.   The cost for this fun ad interesting evening is $25, and reservations are required (626-355-1262).  The last one sold out, so hopefully I have not given you this tidbit of info too late! 

For additional information on this event, and others, check the e-mail archives on their website.  The Bottle Shop Wine Tasting Room: Where they make every sip count!


  1. All that alcohol and all that btw, hope there are some munchies to soak up that sparkling!. :-)

  2. What fun this looks! Another nice portrait, Adele.

    1. Thanks, LOL! I think it looks fun, too. Looking forward to trying it out in the new year. A good resolution, if you ask me! :)

  3. It does sound fun, doesn't it? They did a similar thing in November. Hoping it's a regular thing, so I can make it one of these times!

  4. Definitely fun!!! I hope they do well!


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