Friday, October 5, 2012

Scarecrow Festival: Peanut Head

...aaaaaaaand the Scarecrow Festival continues!

Today's awesome guest resides in front of Mail Box & Postal on Sierra Madre Boulevard.  They did such a great job with him, and their use of packing peanuts to create his head is inspired.  This guy is creativity personified. Yes, Mr. Peanut is alive and well, and living fabulously in beautiful Downtown Sierra Madre. 

Just because this one employee has peanuts for brains (get it???), don't be fooled!  Mail Box & Postal is a great place to get things done.  Copies? Faxes? Shipping? They do it all, and make your life easier in the process.

Yesterday was the last day of judging, but remember to keep an eye out for these fun scarers-of-crows all through October. I'll be featuring at least a couple more throughout the month, and will let you know when I find out who won the contest. Perhaps I should change the blog-name to: Seeing Scarecrow Madre...


  1. This one's hilarious! I clicked to get detail on his peanut head, total genius:) I'd love to know who ends up winning, those judges have quite a job for sure!

    1. It cracked me up! Genius is the right word! I looked through the window tonight (he goes inside when they're closed) and I could see that he's won something, but I won't know what it is until they're open again. :)

  2. It just gets better and better, Adele!!!!!

  3. I need to get over there and see these insanity for myself.


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