Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunset at the Park

Last night it cooled down, just a bit. 
People were out walking their dogs, 
playing with their kids, watering their yards, 
and just hanging around enjoying
 the finally-bearable weather. 

Meanwhile, the sun painted a lovely picture
behind the Hart House at Memorial Park. 

Know what you want to do,
hold the thought firmly,
and do every day what should be done,
and every sunset will see you
 that much nearer to your goal.


  1. some night at 5:45pm, go up by the monastery or bailey canyon,,,,and then wait till 6pm. it is so amazing

  2. Elbert Hubbard has some wise words there, for sure. Glad you are sharing them. I need a message like that to nudge me on. Message received :). And, a lovely picture to go with it. Glad it is a little cooler for you.

    1. I liked the quote too, LOL. Very wise words - I can definitely use some nudging! Thanks, I'm glad it is minutely cooler, too. Another lucky photo op - such great sunsets lately. Hopefully, this cooling is not just temporary! Hoping to remember this if I feel like complaining if we get a lot of rain this winter. :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you - that was some sunset! :)


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